GeoInformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth & Allied Sciences (GIS-IDEAS) 2018

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The International Conference on GeoInformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth & Allied Sciences (GIS-IDEAS) is scheduled to take place at Can Tho University (CTU), Vietnam, 22-25 November 2018. GIS-IDEAS 2018 is being jointly organized by JVGC,CTU and OCU. GIS-IDEAS 2018 is ninth in the series of very successful GIS-IDEAS series of conferences.


The main theme of the GIS-IDEAS 2018 "Geoinformatics for Rural-Urban Synergy". Apart from Technical Sessions on Geoinformatics technologies and applications, Special sessions on following topics are also planned.
  •     Geo-IoT for Monitoring and Evaluation
  •     Machine Learning in RS/GIS
  •     Rural-Urban Environmental Management
  •     Water Resources Security
  •     Smart Villages and Smart Agriculture
  •     Visualization of Spatio-temporal Geoscientific Data
  •     Education, Capacity Building and Outreach
  •     Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data for Geoinformatics
  •     Area Informatics and Applications
The GISIDEAS 2018 will focus on application of GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and Geoinformatics Education to address issues related to our natural, social and human environment. GIS-IDEAS 2018 not only aims to serve as a forum for scientific exchanges but also as a conduit for technology transfer through workshop sessions. Further, in order to promote a better understanding of local needs, field excursions and visits to scientific institutions in Vietnam are also being planned.


The language of the conference will be English.


        Call for Abstracts: Submission deadline: 15/06/2018
        Registration: Early Registration closes 15/09/2018
        GIS-IDEAS Conference: 22-25/11/2018


Can Tho University (VN), Osaka City University (JP), Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (VN), Japan Geotechnical Consultant Association (JP), Japan Society of Geoinformatics (JP), Naresuan University (TH) and Geoinformatics International (TH).


Learning Resource Center, Can Tho University
Add: Campus 2, 3/2 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam


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